UrYouTube changed to akaVideos

I'm a Computer Science Major 👦, developed this site initially for myself while learning some technologies like NodeJs, MongoDB. Sorry being a Programmer I gave technologies rather than about the people of this site.

I love 💘 listening songs 🎼 while in work 💻. And we all have the habit of listening our favorite songs in loop. This made me to share this video repeating site which eventually had the feature of downloading 💾 songs (All the offices may not have proper bandwidth to listen them online. 😃). So given way for offline loop also 😉.

And the concept of Custom YouTube is yet to come. i.e site with personalized content which needs your credentials etc.

Hope this is helpful for all. Happy 😂 downloading 💾 and listening 🎶 in loop 🔁.

PS:📌 AkaVideos will exists as long as our YouTube gives us it's APIs 💽

*UrYouTube changed to akaVideos due to some name conflicts with our mother YouTube. Thanks for being with akaVideos.

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